About Dexter

Over the past five years I've built a successful career around digital media technology, my experience has led me to develop strong skills using creative software such as After Effects & Sony Vegas Pro. I've connected and worked with creative types from all over the world, which has given me strong team working skills. Social media fuels my work, I've developed skills in networking and online promotion of my creative projects to reach larger audiences, succeeding in this each time. I'm keen to throw myself into a new environment, working with creative people, exchanging ideas & learning from each other. I strive for the best whether I'm creating for a client or expressing my own ideas.

My creative work has gained a following over the years on various new media platforms. I created DexterTV as an outlet for my creativity in film, motion graphics, VFX, Acting & Comedy. Over the years as my skills have developed I gained a prominent online following with thousands of people tuning in everyday. Many opportunities as a result have come my way, such as working at the YouTube Space in NYC and collaborating with content creators, film-makers and actors from all over the world on various film projects around Manhattan.

I have worked for myself for many years on numerous creative projects such as video introductions for businesses, logo designs, wedding photography and videography, music videos and short films. Creating online content and using social media to fuel my business is really important to me. I have worked on numerous film sets over the years for film productions and music videos (with the likes of Ice-T & Coco and Remy Ma & Papoose.) I have also been hired to produce film and photography for weddings, meeting a professional standard with a quick turn-around on producing my work. This experience has led me onto working in creative teams on numerous occasions which I feel has benefited me and all those involved, as a people person, I thrive when I'm surrounded by like-minded people on creative projects that I am passionate about.

My experience with YouTube & Social Media in general has given me the skills and know-how to push my projects out in-front of larger audiences. Social Media fuels my business and I can help others with theirs using what I have learned. This includes but is not limited to strategic social media marketing, audience targeting and content creation for big name brands.



My experience over the years covers films, television and commercials. In 2012 I was cast in an AOL commericial, as well as appearing on the National Geographic television show "Brain Games." In 2007 I worked on the film set for the movie "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith, as a production assistant, that experience got me to grips with what it's like working in the film industry first hand. I have acted in many short independent films and volunteered for collaborative projects at The Art Institute of New York City.

Dexter Mason


Weddings, modelling photo-shoots, location scouting, fitness photo-shoots and more. Covering events in and around the New York City area. Parades, Parties, Cons, Music Videos & Weddings are just the tip of the iceberg! If you need something capturing, I'm your man.



Over the years regular training and working on my body has become really important to me. I live a very healthy lifestyle that includes four intense gym training sessions per week. This has given me more confidence for my photo shoots. I love working with fashion during my creative projects. Bringing out a new character with a new quirky style is something I use in my film work and photo shoots regularly. Click here to see my LookBook account.

Dexter Mason